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These Tech Notes are written by me, Cesare Auteri.

I work officially in IT for about 16 years. In that period I went through all kinds of specialties and roles. If your interested in what I really did, just look up my LinkedIn profile, but in general it’s mostly Microsoft related.

My posts are written with two purposesses in mind. First of all it’s my personal online notebook. When I think I need to write something down, I make a post of it. Not all post are publicly available, mostly because they’re not readable and need some more editing, but of course some posts are just not mend to share.

My interest in computers  started in 1978. I lived near the Science Museum in The Hague and they had a room for the public with 5 Commodore PET computers. This was my first experience with early PC’s. As soon as the Commodore 64 was available, I asked my mother if I could get one and after some persuasion (1983) my brother and I could start “computing”. At that age it ment also that we had to test all the available games, so my game console experience goes also a long time back.

Unfortunately computers stayed expensive for quite some time and a follow up for my Commodore 64 was not possible. In high school my interest shifted to other activities and computers were out of sight for a while, girls and motorcycles were interesting too. It took some more years before I finally bought my own PC, but in 1994 it was a fact. In the same year I went on the Internet for the first time. A screaming 14k modem gave access and I started browsing with Netscape and Altavista. I’m not sure if crawling referred to browsing webpages or the speed of my modem.

In that time I worked as a retirement insurance specialist for a insurance company. IT was still the era of mainframes and PC’s were a joke for IT staff. This opened a window of opportunity for me, because I loved PC’s and Microsoft. Soon I knew more of PC’s then the IT staff did and before I knew it, I was asked to join the club.

Now many years later, I still work in IT with a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm. I try to know everything their is to know about Microsoft, but it’s getting more difficult every year (it’s just too much) and I need to make choices. At the moment I focus on Windows 2012, Windows 8, Windows Azure and Office 365. These few choices are enough to fill the rest of the year. So expect to see posts of these products for the coming period.