Add SkyDrive as a drive to Windows RT 1

Windows RT has a SkyDrive Metro application, but it’s not possible to see SkyDrive content from the Windows RT desktop. Fortunately, it’s possible to add a shortcut: Open Internet Explorer and go to Once logged in, right-click the Files menu item and select Copy Shortcut This will give a shortcut in this format: (You care about the part after cid=; e.g., 123456789ABCDEFG, which is your CID value. We will need this later.) Open Explorer on the Windows RT device and select Computer in the navigation pane; in the Computer tab of the ribbon select Map network drive For the path, enter the following: (e.g. Click Finish; ...

Update Office 2013 RT failes with Error Code 5052

Since today I’m the owner of a ASUS VivoTab RT and the first thing you have to do with any Windows system is updating and Windows RT is no exception. Everything went well until I tried to update Office 2013 RT to the final version. At this point the update process just stopped and gave an error code 5052. Microsoft will give you some tips here ( , but no luck for me. Then I opened task manager and noticed the “Office Document Cache Handler” process. I killed it and then started the update again. Finally, and slowly, the update finished. Tweet