Create Bootable USB for MDT Media

Follow the next steps to create a bootable USB Media to do a bare metal deployment with MDT Media. This process requires an installation of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK).

  1. Connect USB to local USB port
  2. Launch a “Command Prompt” with administrative rights
  3. Type “DISKPART”
    1. Type “list disk” and find the disk number of your USB Media
    2. Type “select disk x”, where “x” is the disk number
    3. Type “clean”
    4. Type “create primary partition”
    5. Type “assign letter=z” or another letter if z is occupied. If asked to format choose cancel.
    6. Type “active”
    7. Type “exit”
  4. Type “format z: /fs:ntfs /q”
  5. Type “exit”
  6. Launch “Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment” with administrative rights
  7. Type “bootsect /nt60 z:”
  8. Type “exit”
  9. Copy the contents of the MDT Media content directory to the bootable USB Media.

You can now start your MDT bare metal deployment from USB.


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