Install Windows 8 without a product key

As you maybe are aware by now (you googled for this solution I guess), Windows 8 needs a product key before installing. In Windows 7 one could simply skip this.

The difference is the ei.cfg file that’s missing in Windows 8 and this little file is the solution. We need to add it to the Windows 8 ISO to make skipping the product key section possible.

Follow the next steps:

  1. Extract the Windows 8 ISO (I used 7-zip)
  2. Add the ei.cfg file to the sources folder of the extracted Windows 8 ISO
  3. Edit the ei.cfg file
  4. Create a bootable Windows 8 ISO again. I used ImgBurn.

You now have a Windows 8 ISO you can use for installing your favourite Windows 8 version without a product key.

Happy installing 🙂

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