Shut Down Option Windows 8

I’m using Windows 8 for some time now and have no complaints like so many other people seem to have. The only problem I wish would be fixed, is the driver and software support for my HP Officejet 6500. I can only print but the scan software is not working. Now I need to run Windows 7 in Hyper-V to be able to use the scan software.

One of the most heard complaints are about the power off function which is hidden in the so called “charms bar”. Lots of people come with as many solutions, from little scripts to registry changes. I really don’t understand why everybody is looking for the “old style” Windows button shut down.  There is a button on every workstation that can do just this and it’s there for ages, the power button on your computer, and it’s my default choice.

To make this work only one action is required, for some reason the default action is “Sleep” instead of “Shut down”. Type “Power buttons” in the start screen and settings will give you the “Change what the power buttons do”. Next step is the help for dummies: Change Sleep to Shut down under Power button settings. 🙂

Now when your done, push the button on your computer. And to be honest pushing this buttons is very retro, more even than the Windows button route.

Update: HP released the Windows 8 drivers for my printer. I’ll stick to my Windows 7 Hyper-V image for some time. Always good to compare the systems.

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